提高你成功经营小企业的能力, SBAM汇集了关于多样性的各种资源, 公平与包容. Our goal is to give you the necessary tools to be compliant, and foster healthy work environments. Fostering entrepreneurship and growth of small business is paramount to thriving communities across our state.

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Paid holidays aren’t just about giving your employees some time off. 也可以是给予员工支持和灵活性.


EEOC Publishes Guidance for Working with Hard of Hearing and Deaf Employees and Applicants

“Hearing Disabilities in the Workplace and the 美国残疾人法案,” explains how the 美国残疾人法案 (艾达) applies to job applicants and employees who are deaf or hard of hearing or have other hearing conditions.



There are several laws that apply to employment in Michigan to which small business owners must adhere.

艾略特-拉森民权法案 禁止歧视 以“宗教”为由在密歇根州起诉, 比赛, color, 国家的起源, 年龄, 性, 高度, 重量, 性取向, 家族的地位, 或者婚姻状况, 住房, 教育, 以及使用公共设施. 以下是小企业主需要知道的事情.

SBAM 支持珍藏 into statute of the existing Supreme Court interpretation of the Elliott Larson Civil Rights Act.

美国残疾人法案 禁止基于残疾的歧视. Covered employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities, 并对公共设施施加无障碍要求.

确保你有你的 员工手册 相应更新.


CROWN stands for Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair.  努力通过 皇冠行为 at the state and federal level were successful in June 2023 and the 艾略特-拉森民权法案 will be amended to add to the definition of “比赛,“头发质地和保护性发型,如辫子, 锁和扭.





最近的一所大学.S. 联邦11th 巡回上诉案颠覆了美国上诉法院.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance as to disability and accommodations.  在指导下, an employee merely has a functional rather than a medical definition of disability, and the determination of whether an individual has a disability doesn’t necessarily hinge on the name or diagnosis of an impairment. 一旦雇主收到通知, they must eng年龄 in an interactive discussion concerning any accommodations.  Eventually it is the employer’s decision as to what the accommodation is.



年龄歧视依然存在,而且愈演愈烈. 美国退休人员协会最近的一项调查显示, nearly 80% of older employees say they’ve seen or experienced 年龄 discrimination in the workplace.

在一个迷恋年轻人的社会里, 随着员工年龄的增长, 他们可能被忽视或边缘化, 认为他们没有年轻工人所拥有的技能.  These workers also wouldn’t likely be included in succession planning simply because the talent tree focuses on younger workers over a longer period of time.  这种情况相当普遍,特别是在IT部门.



Inclusion begins with recognition that we are all from diverse backgrounds. 这包括我们如何以及何时庆祝节日. In order to be inclusive, it’s time to think beyond the Christian holiday schedule.

  • 回顾这 主要宗教节日日历 当你计划来年的会议和活动时, 并学习如何正确地认识各种场合.

词汇问题. Curious about certain terminology – and whether or not using certain words or phrases is appropriate?  使用这些指南来选择真实、包容的语言.





Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) is a statewide network of vocational rehabilitation (VR) professionals developing creative, customized solutions that meet the needs of individuals and business.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) partners with businesses in many ways to:

  • Recruit, maintain, and retrain qualified individuals to save time and money.
  • Assist to eng年龄 in the interactive process to provide reasonable accommodations for employees to disabilities.
  • 创造一个真正包容的职场文化.



SBAM’s Premium, VIP and Elite members have access to our complimentary 向专家请教 service. Our HR and legal partners are on call to help you navigate the ins and outs of both simple and complex matters.

It’s easy to directly ask a question to an ASE representative through SBAM’s “Ask a Question” web portal. A fact-based answer will be provided to you – completely free of charge.



An employee handbook not only introduces your company and its employment and business philosophy to your employees, but is also an effective communication tool that provides information on company policies, 程序, 以及薪酬计划.

诈骗保费, VIP or Elite member can receive a discount from the American Society of Employers (ASE) on the cost to review or update an existing document, 或者开发一个完整的, 定制员工手册.



根据美国疾病控制与预防中心的数据,美国大约有四分之一的人患有糖尿病.S. or 61 million Americans that have some kind of physical or mental disability.

雇用残障人士并回应他们的需要 创造一个信任、高效的环境,以及留存率. 3月21日,第七届年度MI隐藏人才研讨会举行, 2023, 主题演讲嘉宾, 分组会议和包括聚光灯. 下面的链接提供了三个主要会议的视频回放.



In Lutz v. 流动性服务公司., No. PWG-21-1229(美国地方法院,D. 马里兰, 南方分裂, 12/12/22), 一位人力资源副总裁正在起诉他的前雇主. According to the VP, the CEO/chairman of the board said to him, “Mike, I want you to retire. 我有多样性的问题. 我需要改善公司的多元化形象. 我要把诺贝莱特[默里]提拔到你的职位上来.”(仅供参考, 中篇小说是一位非裔美国女性, 而且当时公司的领导都是白人). The VP’s retirement was announced with kudos for his accomplishments, 但后来(奇怪的是),他“无缘无故”被解雇了,” although the company is now stating that it was for performance issues.  该案获准继续审理.  教训? Taking negative employment actions against a non-minority employee in order to create opportunities for minority employees is still a violation of discrimination laws, 即使是以多样性的名义.